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Today is another office day at Matzumi’s. Wrote some thoughts about a completely new project. Various is in planning and the search for a room for a studio continues. A new album was still in the works in Germany.

Furthermore I reviewed the last 2 years. Why the long break?

It had something to do with my beloved Triton. I always knew it was and still is important to me, but HOW important was not really clear to me – until it failed. The fact that I could no longer access him, that I could no longer use his sounds, was almost paralyzing for me. The Triton shaped the sound of Matzumi and now it lay fallow – because of a basically simple effect, which was quite tricky to repair.

Sometimes a longer break is just as good. Just do a cut. A lot had happened in the past, an eventful time. I needed distance.

I just wanted to find my new self. I’m not the one complaining.

I admit, for a while I actually thought about giving up the Matzumi project completely. To delete my website, my Facebook page, my YouTube channel and simply declare Matzumi to no longer exist. I can’t explain why myself. It didn’t matter to me anymore. My own project, on which I had worked so hard all those years and had built up so much in the meantime, I treated almost neglected.

Today I think – what a stupid idea! Throw it all away and not even know why? Completely idiotic. I know who I am, I know what I can do and I know there’s an album waiting to be completed. There are fans waiting to hear and see Matzumi again. And as soon as I posted that video of my walk in our beautiful park, you were there again, giving me feedback.

“Matzumi must not die as a music project.

Next year I can even celebrate my 10th anniversary as Matzumi. I ask myself: what do you actually want from Matzumi?

But one thing is for sure: Matzumi will come back – already for me and especially for you :-)

Timeout my creations

Hello my dears. It is high time again to report to you. I was the last time very remote, because I need now easy time for me. The music currently suspended.

After all these years of creation is a rest period of hardships to get started again with renewed vigor. Again and again I was contacted and now I do it publicly. Matzumi takes time out. But do not worry: I’ll never stop making music. I have so many ideas insane, so much wants to implement, that it’s almost too much. The album started project is of course completed. I can promise you.

I thank you for your loyalty and for your interest that I am very touched.

Thank you so much,
your Matzumi

Matzumi distributed Christmas presents!

Hello my dears,

for my dear friends and fans I have something special considering this year as a Christmas present. I browsed after a long time in my old music archive recently and there I came across a very old recordings of my keyboard era, when it did not exist, the music project “Matzumi”.

At that time my music was more dance-oriented, which was not least due to the Yamaha DJX, who was one of my former equipment.

I’ve been thinking to make you 5 of my old songs as a gift. However, this is an exclusive gift for newsletter subscribers. So you registered yet rapidly and do not miss this Christmas Special. Immerse yourself in Matzumis musical past.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Christmas Greetings from your Matzumi

New music video for the song “Calm down my heart”

Hello dear friends of electronic music,

I am currently busy with the recordings for a new album Matzumi. It will take a while before I can announce a release date, because the album is in a very early stage of development.

Incidentally, I have begun to make elaborate video productions for my music project. So I want to introduce my latest video production. I have a music video for the song “Calm down my heart” from my latest album “Symphony of silence and humility” done. A video full of mystical, partly religious sentiment. Passion, humility, devotion and reverence are the key words in it. I hope you like it.

The Making of of the Symphony album had unfortunately once again be put on hold because not all video footage from all parties of this album project are available. I hope I can continue to work it soon.

Now I wish you much pleasure with my music video and until next time,

your Matzumi  :-)

More Matzumi music videos on YouTube

Symphony – Making of Video

Dear friends of electronic music,

there is news to my “Symphony …” – Making of Video! The Making of my latest album release.

I have received another video of my fellow musicians and can now make a little farther back. I had the project because of missing video material put on ice, but now it goes on. For you a look behind the scenes of this album project, with interesting background information and interviews with all stakeholders.

To ever to give you a glimpse, there are two video clips from Hellmut Wolf (flute in “Calm down my heart” and Downfall and rebirth “) and Frank Steffen Müller (acoustic and electric guitar in” Sublime in silence “and “A New Age is dawning”).

To complete my “Symphony of silence and humility” – Making of`s I need yet another video. But I am pleased to present you these two insights ever.

I wish good entertainment :-)
your Matzumi

Interview with Hellmut Wolf (german):

Recording clip by Frank Steffen Mueller:

Article in the magazine Zeitenwende and more

Article from the magazine ZeitenwendeHello my friends,

in the magazine “Zeitenwende” in the edition 65 September-November 2014, an article about my “Symphony of silence and humility” appeared. A magazine for healthy living and new thinking. In it there are words of praise for my current album, but see for yourself.

Then there’s other news. In the future I would like to produce more videos for you. Perhaps as a studio insights, etc. You can also tell me what you specifically interested in and I try to pick it in the next video.

How quickly can I implement it, I can not say, but it does what :-)

Currently I am working on my second part of the making of the “Symphony …”. In this video you will be granted looks behind the scenes, with many interesting details and background information from the production phase of this album.

So, let yourself be surprised :-)
your Matzumi

Another review of the new album

to album symphony of silence and humilityHello my friends,

again, there are new reading material for my latest album “Symphony of silence and humility” of synth Caresses. This Review has been lovingly highlighted by the author with pictures, song clips and videos. Thank you, dear Jose `:-)

Hellmut Wolf, label boss of Wolf Entertainment, wrote: “What a beautiful review on Matzumi’s new album, please read, we are so very proud of her!”
The hard work and the long time that has cost this album has paid off for true and I am still very proud and happy that I was able to work with such great musicians who made a really fantastic contribution to my Symphony.

Read the review

More reviews here

enjoy reading,
your Matzumi

Review to album Symphony Of Silence And Humility

to album symphony of silence and humilityDear Friends and Matzumi fans,

since 21/06/2014 there is the first review on my current album Symphony of silence and humility of Stephan Schelle for the Musikzirkus-Magazin. The Symphony finds in plenty of praise, even from “masterpiece” is mentioned. Here’s a little Posted by Stephan Schelle from his album review: “Two years Matzumi has taken to her new album to finish the wait has been worth it, because with “Symphony Of Silence And Humility” their is a terrific successful album – so I predict it already now – in the election for album of the year will end up with the Schallwelle Awards 2014 is miles ahead. A great album that I can only highly recommend both electronic as well as friends of the instrumental, symphonic rock music will have their joy in this work.”

Read the review

your Matzumi

My Easter gift to you!


Hello dear friends and fans. Easter is around the corner and you can see my albums until 22/04/2014 for Easter special price or a CD package purchase. My current release “Symphony of silence and humility” is also reduced during this time. Do you want to give away the purchased albums as an Easter gift, I write can also arrange a dedication in the booklet. These specify the name of the person concerned and desired text please. You all now a happy Easter in the circle of your loved ones and enjoy browsing my website :-)

your Matzumi