Live Concert in Ebersbach

Hello dear friends and fans. The beginning of the year is done: the long-awaited album “Symphony of silence and humility” is now available on CD at last and was the 21/02/2014 premiered last Friday at the first Matzumi concert this year in OKV Ebersbach. The 21/02/2014 was also the release date of this album. And for those who could not attend the evening concert, there are pictures in the Gallery and here are the first impressions video documentary of my concert:

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Advance notice: Album release

Cover Album Symphony of silence and humilitySo dear ones, now it’s official. On 02/21/14, the new music album “Symphony of silence and humility” was published. Just in time for the concert. Today I received the notification from the press shop, tomorrow is the package containing the finished CD `s me out
After 2 years of work on this album are now passed since the beginning, a lot has happened since then and I am now happy to explain this album project for final finished.

At this point again, have let their passion be included with many thanks to all participants who have assisted me. Special thanks also to my three fellow musicians Hellmut Wolf, Frank Steffen Mueller and Sean O’Bryan Smith for their terrific contributions in one or the other song of the Symphony and also to Udo Langner.

Many thanks again to Andreas Bartsch for the design of the booklet. It has become really great. At Gerald Wirtz, who had the front cover painted at that time, my thanks also to Emilsam Velázquez for mastering and of course, particularly all the love and loyal to my fans for their patience.

your Matzumi

Matzumi on tour – Music concert at OKV Ebersbach

Musikkonzert im OKV EbersbachAttention music fans!
For this year I am planning a “Symphony Tour 2014″ by Germany. All dates are for it not fixed yet. Once the tour dates are fixed, I’ll see you share here and on Facebook. The first live date of my tour, I want to give you known here today.

Tour dates:
“Symphony of silence and humility” – Live!
Date: 21/02/2014
Venue: Upper Lusatian concert and event hall Ebersbach
Start: 20:00 clock

Event address:
Bleaching line 3a
02730 Ebersbach

Album “Symphony of silence and humility” almost done!

Hello my friends. Here is a small management report for my upcoming album “Symphony of silence and humility.” Finally, it’s finished! After such a long time. 2 years have passed since this album has begun project and now the Symphony is on the way to mastering. The booklet of this album is incidentally also just designed. My thanks in this regard to Andreas Bartsch. Many thanks to you all for your patience.

Bravura Apasionada available on CD

Bravura Apasionada Album CoverHello dear friends and fans,

since today, the 11.12.2013, is my latest release “Bravura apasionada” also available on CD. In my discography you can buy my new album on CD with 8 tracks. Secures you now your copy of it.

I wish you all a merry Christmas season in the circle of your loved ones.

Album “Bravura apasionada” buy here

Tracks from Bravura Apasionada:
1. Bravura Apasionada  4:59
2. Caravan Of The Matador  4:56
3. Hymn For Kat  7:49
4. Lagrimas Del Alma  5:15
5. Latidos Del Corazon  6:10
6. Little Bird Big Trip  7:15
7. Otra Vida  5:16
8. Perdoname  5:44

The High Priestess of the synthesizer

On the blog “Synth-Caresses” you’ll find another interview about Matzumi. Referred to as the “High Priestess of the synthesizer”, i talk in the article about my beginnings in music, the development of my career and my collaboration with other musical artists. But my electronic music with synthesizers and themes of my albums are not forgotten in the interview. The following link will lead you to the interview on “Synth-Caresses”.