Article in the magazine Zeitenwende and more

Article from the magazine ZeitenwendeHello my friends,

in the magazine “Zeitenwende” in the edition 65 September-November 2014, an article about my “Symphony of silence and humility” appeared. A magazine for healthy living and new thinking. In it there are words of praise for my current album, but see for yourself.

Then there’s other news. In the future I would like to produce more videos for you. Perhaps as a studio insights, etc. You can also tell me what you specifically interested in and I try to pick it in the next video.

How quickly can I implement it, I can not say, but it does what :-)

Currently I am working on my second part of the making of the “Symphony …”. In this video you will be granted looks behind the scenes, with many interesting details and background information from the production phase of this album.

So, let yourself be surprised :-)
your Matzumi

The High Priestess of the synthesizer

On the blog “Synth-Caresses” you’ll find another interview about Matzumi. Referred to as the “High Priestess of the synthesizer”, i talk in the article about my beginnings in music, the development of my career and my collaboration with other musical artists. But my electronic music with synthesizers and themes of my albums are not forgotten in the interview. The following link will lead you to the interview on “Synth-Caresses”.