Guest musicians for my Symphony

Wow!!! I just got the first audition of Frank Steffen Mueller sent. He has the song “A new age is dawning,” with its acoustic sounds even awarded the icing on the cake. I am absolutely thrilled. My respect, sir axeman More songs will follow. I’m very excited.

What a project! 3 excellent musicians gave and give her a get-together in my Symphony.

So, my thanks also go to Sean O’Bryan Smith, who had heard in “Calm down my heart” and “The origin of life” his bass. And Sean terrific on my label boss Hellmut Wolf, who accompanied me to “Calm down my heart” and “Downfall and rebirth” with its exceptional flute sounds. You all are just awesome and I can not put into words what it means to me Thank you thank you thank you.

But were not alone. This I owe Udo Langner, who had for the threads behind the scenes in the hand and tied the contacts.

And I especially want to thank my dear friend Emilsam Velázquez, who as supported me and last but not least for me this extraordinary album project with its mastering the arts of Symphony is the finishing touch. Thank you, dear Sammy. I know more than appreciate that you are always there for me and I stand with advice and act to the side and you produce even an album with me at the moment.

The Symphony was the beginning of something special for me – and now especially through your musical participation.

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