New music video for the song “Calm down my heart”

Hello dear friends of electronic music,

I am currently busy with the recordings for a new album Matzumi. It will take a while before I can announce a release date, because the album is in a very early stage of development.

Incidentally, I have begun to make elaborate video productions for my music project. So I want to introduce my latest video production. I have a music video for the song “Calm down my heart” from my latest album “Symphony of silence and humility” done. A video full of mystical, partly religious sentiment. Passion, humility, devotion and reverence are the key words in it. I hope you like it.

The Making of of the Symphony album had unfortunately once again be put on hold because not all video footage from all parties of this album project are available. I hope I can continue to work it soon.

Now I wish you much pleasure with my music video and until next time,

your Matzumi  :-)

More Matzumi music videos on YouTube

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