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Today is another office day at Matzumi’s. Wrote some thoughts about a completely new project. Various is in planning and the search for a room for a studio continues. A new album was still in the works in Germany.

Furthermore I reviewed the last 2 years. Why the long break?

It had something to do with my beloved Triton. I always knew it was and still is important to me, but HOW important was not really clear to me – until it failed. The fact that I could no longer access him, that I could no longer use his sounds, was almost paralyzing for me. The Triton shaped the sound of Matzumi and now it lay fallow – because of a basically simple effect, which was quite tricky to repair.

Sometimes a longer break is just as good. Just do a cut. A lot had happened in the past, an eventful time. I needed distance.

I just wanted to find my new self. I’m not the one complaining.

I admit, for a while I actually thought about giving up the Matzumi project completely. To delete my website, my Facebook page, my YouTube channel and simply declare Matzumi to no longer exist. I can’t explain why myself. It didn’t matter to me anymore. My own project, on which I had worked so hard all those years and had built up so much in the meantime, I treated almost neglected.

Today I think – what a stupid idea! Throw it all away and not even know why? Completely idiotic. I know who I am, I know what I can do and I know there’s an album waiting to be completed. There are fans waiting to hear and see Matzumi again. And as soon as I posted that video of my walk in our beautiful park, you were there again, giving me feedback.

“Matzumi must not die as a music project.

Next year I can even celebrate my 10th anniversary as Matzumi. I ask myself: what do you actually want from Matzumi?

But one thing is for sure: Matzumi will come back – already for me and especially for you :-)

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